Tutoring Prices

In-Person Tutoring Prices

Each tutor sets his/her own hourly rate.  The rate depends on what is competitive for high quality tutors in that local market.  There is no additional charge for the tutor's travel time. To find the rate for actual tutors in your area, begin browsing tutors in your local area -- see the "How Do I Get Started?" box on this page.

Don't forget, with EleMental Learning you will never be pressured to commit to a certain amount of tutoring. Tutoring is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis, so your tutoring expenditure can be adjusted to fit your specific needs!

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Group Tutoring Rates

Discounts are possible when a client (or clients) form a small group of students for group tutoring.  These groups require a minimum of two students, and typically have a maximum of four students.  The discounted price is typically 25% off the tutor's published hourly rate, per student.  For example, if a tutor's published hourly rate is $50/hour, the price to tutor two students for one hour would be: 

$50 x 2 students = $100/hr before group discount
$100/hr less 25% group discount = $75/hr = $37.50/hr per student.

Group tutoring is most successful when the students are classmates or are otherwise following the same curriculum.  If you are interested in forming a small group to take advantage of these discounted group tutoring rates, please indicate this when you select your tutor.  To get started, select your state from the "How Do I Get Started?" box at the bottom of this page. 

Group Tutoring Rates

Online Tutoring Prices

Our online tutors generally charge 25% less than their normal in-person tutoring rate.  You get the same great, highly qualified tutors for a fraction of the cost!


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