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EleMental Learning offers online tutoring provided by experienced, credentialed, high quality educators.  These tutors have been carefully selected and vetted on the basis of their subject area expertise.  No matter where you're located, you can always find a tutor for your specific need.


Features of our Online Tutoring program include:


  • Subjects: Tutors available in almost all subject areas, including higher level math and science subjects where finding a qualified tutor can be difficult.

  • Technology: Your tutor will work with you to use the tools that work best with your existing technology (e.g. Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc.).

  • Convenient Billing: Tutoring is available on a pay-as-you-go basis.  You pay at the end of the month for tutoring hours that you incurred that month.  There is no fixed commitment or monthly minimum tutoring charge.

  • Mix and Match Tutors: EleMental Learning has many online tutors available, so you are free to pick and choose multiple tutors for multiple subjects if you wish.

To Find Your Online Tutor(s), follow the search steps below!

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Online Tutoring FAQs


  • Can I try a session for free? Yes, most of our online tutors are willing to do a free session.  Please submit an inquiry for your requested tutor and in the comments area please state that you'd like to try a free session with no further obligation.

  • Can I get a referral fee for sending you a paying customer? Absolutely!  EleMental Learning has a policy of sending out $50 prepaid debit cards as a thank you for referrals that turn into paying customers.

  • Do you offer quantity discounts? Yes!  When you request your tutor please state that you are interested in pre-paying for a block of 10 or more hours.  If you do this, we will reduce the hourly rate by 10%!

  • Can you do group online sessions? Yes!  When you request your tutor please state that you are looking to organize a group session.  We will negotiate a reduced rate for all students in the group, depending on the specifics of the situation.

  • Do you need more help finding the right online tutor? If so, call us at (855) 438-8886 or send an email to .