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Do you need help with math?  EleMental Learning provides in home math tutoring which is customized to meet your child’s unique needs, learning processes, and goals.  If you are looking for a math tutoring service that will build a customized math tutoring plan around your child, then you have come to the right place!  

Our math tutors serve clients in all age ranges, from pre-school through adult education.  We offer math help in both private and semi-private sessions, depending on your needs, budget, and location.     

Math Tutors Now Available In These Subjects:

Elementary Math

Junior High Math






Everyday Math

SAT & ACT Math

AP Exams


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 Basic Math Tutoring Topics:
Everyday Math / Every Day Math
The four basic math operations
Understanding money and its usage
Geomatric shapes and spatial awareness
Measurement methods
Exploring probability
Addition and subtraction with large numbers
Multiplication and division using single and multi-digit numbers
Simple fractions and decimal usage
Understanding and interpreting graphs
Area and perimeter
Data collection and analysis
Exponents, order of operations, basic algebra concepts
Skillful use of measurements
Basic statistical terms
Basic use of functions
Basic geometry skills
Understanding probability concepts
Application of ratios, proportions, and percentages
Chicago Math / Math Tutor Chicago
Math for homeschoolers
And many, many more!

Advanced Math Tutoring Topics:
Solving equations
Factoring polynomials
Fraction simplification
Word Math
Finding square roots / Solving square roots
Working with Fractions (fraction multiplication, fraction division, fraction addition, fraction subtraction)
Working with ratios
Help with division
Prime numbers
Multiplication tables
Pre Algebra
Algebra equations
Algebra 1 Help
Algebra 2 Help
Algebra Homework Help
Equivalent fractions
Slope Formulas
Calculating probabilities
Working with percentages
Math radicals
Trigonometry formulas
Math Homework Help
Linear Equations
Quadratic Equations
Volume / Mass calculations
Factoring equations
Balancing equations
Math Problems
High School Math Tutors
Math Practice Tests

And many, many more!