Starting A Tutoring Business

Starting Your Own Tutoring Business
Are you looking to supplement your current income?
Do you know local families with school-age children?
Are you a whiz on the educational side...
...but looking to outsource the "business side"?
 Start a tutoring business with EleMental Learning and you will receive:
 Payment and Payroll Processing  Tax and Financial Reporting Business
Tracking Billable Hours

You submit your hours via our simple online submission tool.

Customer Invoicing
We invoice your customers with a clear and professional monthly invoice.

Payment Processing
Customers pay via convenient debit/credit card payments.  Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express!

Consolidated Monthly Paycheck
You are paid once a month via a single paycheck generated by EleMental Learning.

Year End Financial Statements

We generate detailed year end financial statements for your business.

Tax Form Filing
We send out year-end 1099 forms so you can prepare your taxes correctly and on time. 

Ad Hoc Updates
We can provide interim financial reports upon request, so that you can track your progress during the year. 

New Joiner Packet

You will receive our new joiner packet, which contains many suggestions on how to market and grow your tutoring business.

Sales Coaching
Receive ongoing coaching and consultation from EleMental Learning. 

Knowledge Transfer
We have years of experience growing our tutoring presence in the communities we serve.  We will share this wisdom with you to help you grow your business. 

Background Checks

Give your clients comfort in choosing you to work with their children.  Order background checks on yourself to share with clients. ($20 fee applies per background check ordered.  Clients will often pay for it themselves.)

Utilize a free EleMental Learning email address to enhance your professional appearance ( 

Order EleMental Learning brochures which can be personalized with your phone number and email address. (first 30 are free, small fee applies thereafter).

Other Personalized Materials
EleMental Learning logo wear, banners, pens, and other items are available for purchase. 

Getting Started

Fill out the form below to let us know you're interested.  A member of our staff will get back to you shortly!

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Program Costs
We recognize that tutors typically don't have a large budget for fixed expenses.  Don't worry!  There is NO flat fee to take advantage of EleMental Learning's tutor services.  Instead, you pay 15% of your monthly revenue, so that your dollar expenditures are low when business is slow and proportionally higher when business is humming.  We view this as a good alignment of interests between your goals and ours.
Don't Have Enough Clients?

If you need additional help growing your business, you can also register for our online tutor directory here.*  Your tutor profile will then appear in our searchable tutor directories and can benefit from our national advertising campaigns. 

There is no fixed cost to join our online tutor directory.  However, for tutoring clients referred to you via the directory, the percentage of revenue payable to EleMental Learning increases from 15% to 25%.

Tutoring Service Costs
15% of revenue for clients you provide
25% of revenue for clients we provide

*Note: you must be a state-certified teacher to be approved for our online tutor directory.  If you are not state-certified, you can still utilize our tutoring services, but you can't appear in our searchable directory and you won't be eligible for client referrals from us.