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  • EleMental Learning is a network of more than 700 fully vetted tutors.
  • Our experienced staff reviews the credentials of every new tutor to ensure that they fit our high quality standards.

What You Can Expect

  • Choose from 1:1 in person tutoring, small group tutoring, or 1:1 online tutoring.
  • Your private tutor will be a college degreed and fully-vetted educator, not a student or other untrained professional.
  • The tutor will customize a plan to reflect your unique needs and circumstances. We are not a cookie cutter program.
  • We offer affordable pricing.  Online tutors start at $25/hour and in-person tutors at $40/hour.  Tutors set their own rate based on experience and locale. Use the search boxes on the right to see our tutors and their rates.
  • You can set your own pace, depending on the tutoring needs, your schedule, and your budget.  There is no monthly minimum.

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Group Tutoring and Online Tutors

For even more economical choices, consider our group tutoring and online tutoring options.
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We believe each student IS DIFFERENT.
...So we provide a FULLY CUSTOMIZED tutoring experience
...And our hourly rates are REASONABLE, WITH NO MONTHLY MINIMUM