Private Tutoring

Because each student is different...
...We provide a FULLY CUSTOMIZED tutoring experience
...Our tutors are all experienced STATE CERTIFIED TEACHERS
...You pay as you go, WITH REASONABLE HOURLY RATES and no monthly minimum

State Certified Tutors
  • Your private tutor will be an experienced, state-certified educator.
  • We will not send you a college student or other untrained professional.
Reasonable Hourly Rates
  • You simply pay your tutor's reasonable hourly rate.
  • You pay as you go, with no minimum requirements or other high-pressure sales tactics.
Customized Lessons
  • You will receive a fully customized tutoring experience.
  • Our private tutoring sessions are not mass produced.  Instead your tutor will customize a plan to reflect your unique goals and learning habits.
How Does It Work?

EleMental Learning provides both in-person and online tutoring in a wide variety of subjects. We provide subject tutoring for students in preschool through college, as well as test prep for college entrance exams and professional certification exams for adults. 

Step 1: Browse Available Tutors
Click on your state, then browse
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Step 2: Submit A Tutor Request
After finding a tutor, submit your request online

Step 3: Receive A Response
The tutor or a member of our staff will get
back to you as soon as possible

Step 4: Get Up And Running!
Set up your first session, and just pay
the reasonable hourly rate as you go!

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