Lauren Goodman
Westchester County Field Director
ph: (914) 269-8971
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About Us

  • EleMental Learning is a network of more than 700 fully vetted tutors.
  • Our experienced staff reviews the credentials of every new tutor to ensure that they fit our high quality standards.
  • Your Westchester County tutor will be a college degreed and fully-vetted educator, not a student or other untrained professional.
  • The tutor will customize a plan to reflect your unique needs and circumstances. We are not a cookie cutter program.
  • Each tutor sets her/his own hourly rate.  You simply pay as you go via a simple monthly invoice that reflects only the hours you used.
  • Choose from 1:1 in person tutoring, small group tutoring, or 1:1 online tutoring.
  • You can set your own pace, depending on the tutoring needs, your schedule, and your budget.  There is no monthly minimum.

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A more economical solution can be had by forming a small tutoring group!  Visit our group tutoring page to learn more.

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To expand your search, try searching a larger town or city nearby. Tutors are often willing to drive to nearby towns. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please call us at (855) 438-8886 and we will locate a tutor for you.