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Bernadette M.

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Bernadette M.

San Diego, CA

Subject Expertise : Lang. Arts / Reading / Writing, Math, Science

Age Range Expertise : Pre-School, Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, High School

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EleMental Learning is a premier private tutoring service serving San Diego County. Since 2005, EleMental Learning has provided private tutors to families who are looking for help with reading, math, foreign languages, test preparation, science, music, athletics and more! Each tutoring matchup is based on finding a qualified tutor who will be a match for the student's unique needs, learning processes, and goals. If you are looking for a focused tutoring service that will build a customized plan of action around your child, then you have come to the right place!

We differentiate ourselves from other private tutoring companies by:

  • Developing a customized tutoring plan for each client. We believe the mass marketed cookie-cutter "programs" offered at other Naperville tutoring companies take the easy way out. Instead, we acknowledge that no two students are the same in terms of learning processes, individual aptitude, and other unique circumstances.
  • Utilizing ONLY certified teachers as tutors. Your private tutor will be a degreed educator with real classroom experience. We will not send you a college student or other untrained educator.
  • Providing professional tutoring within your own home, rather than making you drive your child to a commercial learning center.

Another advantage of working with us is that we will not force you to make an up-front financial commitment. You simply pay your tutor's reasonable hourly rate!

Serving all ages and subject areas, including ACT and SAT test preparation!

Phone: (855) 438-8886

If you're trying to find a highly qualified private tutor in San Diego
and the surrounding areas, we are the choice for you!

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