Senior Moments: Things To Remind Your Student

By Janet Eggenberger

Start finalizing a list of schools.

Choose at least one “reach school” and one “safety school”. Choose one a little “closer to home”. Choose one that is affordable. You don’t want to discover in May that you are not happy with your choices so it’s better to over-apply than under-apply. An average number is to apply to 8-10 schools.

Know the deadline dates.

Put a calendar in place or notes on your phone but make sure you are keeping track of application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, test dates, etc.

Explore scholarship opportunities.

Check out the high school websites and local organizations. Some have deadline dates as early as December. You can’t win if you don’t apply but remember NEVER pay for a scholarship application.

Get letters of recommendation.

Don’t forget to ask teachers/counselors/administrators ahead of time for letters of recommendation. Don’t wait to the last minute.

Write those application essays.

Get the essay finished, put it aside a few days, revisit and revise, and then have someone else review it before finalizing. Make sure you are answering the prompt and following the rules and don’t go over on word count.

Create an application/admission folder.

In order to keep yourself organized start a folder and keep track of passwords, deadlines, tasks, etc. Keep all admission correspondence in one place as it’s easy to lose track of information – you think you will remember but you won’t.

Enjoy your senior year and have fun!

Janet Eggenberger is the mother of three - 2 college girls and a high school boy. Janet is a member of the admissions team at a private college in Illinois.  She is a contributing blogger for EleMental Learning Tutoring.