Online High School Classes

Let’s face it, there are just too many choices of classes for our high school students. Assuming a student is taking all college-prep courses with 4 years of math, science, English, and history (geography, US history, government, consumer ec), foreign language, and other electives, how in the world can they fit in an art class or a cooking class much less band/ chorus/orchestra? The day is only so long.

Taking driver’s ed privately (the option my kids chose) and summer school are popular choices. Another option becoming increasingly more popular is taking classes on-line. One of my daughters took Spanish III on-line her senior year second semester. A little-known fact but thanks to her high school counselor, she was able to complete the class through an outside program called Illinois Virtual Schools ( We paid private tuition for the class (I think over $500) and it was completed entirely on-line in conjunction with her other senior year courses. IVS is recognized by our local school district as valid transferable credit and it is listed on her high school transcript. We didn’t have to worry about it not transferring to her university because it was a high school class and counted as fulfilling her 3rd year of high school foreign language.

Taking an on-line class is NOT easy and it was VERY time-consuming and challenging but it worked for her. On-line classes are not for everyone and it is important to know your own kid – are they independent, self-sufficient, and motivated? If so, this may be an option worth exploring. If you are interested make certain to do your research and verify that the course will appear on the high school transcript and there are no issues with transferability.

Janet Eggenberger is the mother of three - 2 college girls and a high school boy. Janet is a member of the admissions team at a private college in Illinois.  She is a contributing blogger for EleMental Learning Tutoring.