Keeping Kids Busy During Summer Break

Help! I’m bored this summer.


Is the summer break dragging by slowly for your high school kid? Is boredom setting in? Don’t let them waste the summer. Here are a few tips to keep them on track for the summer and help develop their high school “resume”:

·         Volunteer – have them get started on those important volunteer hours. Help them narrow the volunteer options to a cause they believe in.

·         Encourage them to develop a healthy lifestyle – staying active, eating healthy foods, getting plenty of sleep. Limit their TV, computer and video game time.

·         Get them to the library. Help them find a book/author/topic they enjoy. Teach them how to enjoy reading for fun. Set up a daily time that they must sit down and read.

·         Consider job shadowing opportunities. Can your child go with you to work for a day? What about a neighbor?

·         Have them get a job and earn money - even if it’s only for a few hours. Consider babysitting, pet sitting, watering plants, getting mail, etc.

·         Have them tutor a younger student – it looks great on a college application and the younger student benefits too.

·         If they are a senior have them start researching colleges and the application process. Develop some basic essay information – many colleges ask the same questions and you can prepare ahead.

·         Teach them how to cook and prepare a meal.


Janet Eggenberger is the mother of three - 2 college girls and a high school boy. Janet is a member of the admissions team at a private college in Illinois.  She is a contributing blogger for EleMental Learning Tutoring.