College Admissions And Social Media: Protect Your Child's Privacy

By Janet Eggenberger


A little common goes a long way!


When is the last time you have taken a look at your child’s social media accounts?  If it has been awhile, take a minute and Google your son or daughter’s name. Then type it in to your Facebook account. Finally, run a Twitter search with their name. What comes up? If your child has their account on privacy it should be very little. However, if they have not changed their privacy settings in a long time, chances are you will see a lot more than they would like. Pictures, tweets, tagged photos, etc. can easily be displayed.

Let’s face it: College admissions members as well as future employers could easily use popular social media to look up students and information. Why run the risk and have something there that shouldn’t be?  It goes without saying that all questionable photos and tags should be removed and the account should be set to private.

Janet Eggenberger is a mom of three – a recent college graduate who just moved out, a college senior, and a high school junior. She is a graduate academic advisor at a private Chicagoland university.