Group Tutoring Rates

EleMental Learning is a tutoring service with more than 700 tutors spread around the country.  Each of our tutors is fully vetted by our staff of experienced educators, and the vast majority of our tutors are state-certified educators themselves.  In addition to the high quality of our tutoring staff, we are also different from other tutoring services in that:

  • All of our tutoring is done on a fully customized basis.  We are not a "tutoring program".  Instead, we use tutors who are experienced educators, and who know how to adapt to the unique needs and styles of different students.
  • Our pricing is straightforward.  Each tutor sets their own hourly rate, based on what they think their skills are worth in your local area.  Then, you simply pay at the end of each month for the tutoring hours that occurred.  This easy system enables you to craft a tutoring schedule that works with your needs and budget.


Group Tutoring Rates: An even more economical solution!


EleMental Learning's small group tutoring program is designed to provide small groups of 2-4 students an academic boost to improve their classroom performance, combined with reasonable group tutoring rates. All group tutoring sessions are taught by actual local teachers so you can be sure a qualified professional will be working with the students. 



Group tutoring rates are based off of the tutor's regular (one-on-one) hourly tutoring rate.  Each student receives a discount off of the tutor's regular one-on-one rate, depending on how many students are in the group:

  • Two students in a group: Group pays 1.5x tutor's 1-on-1 hourly rate.  (25% discount per student)
  • Three students in a group: Group pays 1.75x tutor's 1-on-1 hourly rate.  (42% discount per student)
  • Four students in a group: Group pays 2x tutor's 1-on-1 hourly rate.  (50% discount per student)
  • For example, if you form a 4-person group with a tutor that costs $40/hr for 1-on-1 tutoring, the group will pay a TOTAL of $80/hr.  Thus each student will pay only $20/hr.
  • Tutors set their own hourly rate.  To view the 1-on-1 hourly rates for tutors in your area, search for your tutor on our home page.




  • Location -- At a group member's house? At a library? At a coffee shop?
  • Time -- After school?  Weekends only?  How many days a week?
  • Format -- Skills review / lecture style?  Or study group facilitator?




  • EleMental Learning does NOT create the group for you.  You must assemble the group members yourself.
  • You can create a group comprised of your child plus one or more of his/her classmates.
  • Or you can have a group comprised of multiple siblings from the same family.  Although this is somewhat less efficient due to different grade levels, it is still more economical than having the siblings tutored separately.




  • If you create a tutoring group with multiple families, EleMental Learning will maintain a billing relationship with you and ONLY you.  We will bill you for the entire amount due and it will be your responsibility to collect from the other families.
  • We will help you by creating a monthly invoice which clearly shows what each family owes.

Group Tutoring Rates Are Offered In

Math  |  English Language Arts  |  Spanish  |  SAT/ACT Exam Prep

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   Group Tutoring Rates

For Group Tutoring inquiries, please call (855) 438-8886.