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EleMental Learning, LLC was founded by Lori J. Skurka, M. Ed. for the purpose of providing fully customized, one-on-one professional tutoring.  A core belief of the company is that pre-packaged tutoring programs touted by name brand “learning centers” cannot possibly have the flexibility to provide a perfect tutoring solution for each student’s unique needs and learning habits. 

Since our local beginnings in Illinois in 2005, we have grown to provide carefully selected high quality tutors to families throughout the United States.  As our company has grown, so has the depth and breadth of our tutor base.  At this time we have hundreds of state-certified teachers who have signed up to be tutors, providing a broad coverage of geographic, age group, academic topic, and special needs ranges.


Lori J. Skurka, M. Ed.
Founder and CEO
EleMental Learning, LLC

Lori holds a Masters Degree in Administration and Supervision from Loyola University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from The University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.  She also holds a Type 03 teaching certificate and a Type 75 certificate in Administration and Supervision in the State of Illinois.  She has honed her expertise with additional coursework beyond the Master’s level in the field of Cognitive Development and Brain Research.  Prior to founding EleMental Learning, she spent 11 years as a classroom educator in grades 2 through 6. 

Lori is a mom to three wonderful children, and is very active in their own academic development.

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